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About Garnes Data

Garnes Data is a 100% employee-owned IT company based in Oslo. We serve over 600 corporate customers and provide a full menu of IT services, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. We are nationwide in close cooperation with local, talented partners.

Our vision is to provide our customers with a secure and the best possible IT solution at a reasonable and predictable cost. We have a 100% satisfied guarantee on our deliveries. The few complaints we have we arrange in quick and free.

Garnes Data is one of several technology companies in the Garnes Group. We have teams in Oslo, Trondheim, Iceland and in Sri Lanka. In total, the group has around 1,000 businesses as customers.

Some of our customers

We specialize in small and medium-sized businesses. Many are in the creative industries and the cultural sector, but we have all kinds of customers. Here are some of them:

World leading architectural and design firm. We have global IT for Snøhetta and provide complete range of services.

Malthe Winje
Worldwide Norwegian engineering and technology company. We provide a complete range of services based on the Norwegian-based departments.

Leading catering company in Oslo, uncompromising in quality and environmental responsibility. We provide complete range of services.

Fast Food Service Norway
Market leader in equipment and service for the fast food industry. We provide complete service range and hybrid cloud based solution.

Norwegian Film Institute
Executive body under the Ministry of Culture. We provide consulting, cloud services, licenses and operations / monitoring.

Some of our key people


Tore Foss


CEO Tore has over 20 years of experience from corporate management in several disciplines and on many continents. His background includes a lot of entrepreneurial activities - the last decade in IT and technology, he also holds an MSc in physics from UiO. In addition, Tore is the CEO of the Garnes Group, and has several different roles in the group's companies.


Darren Mackay


Darren has extensive experience in programming, networking and security, and has handled disaster recovery for large companies. He has a strong focus on networking, security and business continuity, and brings aspects from large companies to the SME market.


Natacha Askestrand


CMO Natacha has 10 years of experience in the IT industry in sales and marketing - including Microsoft and Lumagate. She specializes in putting together solutions that fit the needs of different businesses now and in the future, not least for the 'cloud journey' that thousands of Norwegian businesses are already on or are about to start.